Back to the New Normal

My grandmother left for her heavenly abode last month. She was old, she was fragile, but a sudden void in the family always hits you hard. We are still trying to accept everything slowly. As I closed my laptop after a hectic day at the office one evening, I was thinking how crazy this yearContinue reading “Back to the New Normal”

Stay Home and Stay Happy

My country is going through the second week of nationwide lock down as I’m sitting and typing this. Many of you are bored and desperately want to go back to your office, many of you are tensed about what’s happening daily around you. You don’t wait for the weekends nowadays because they don’t feel theContinue reading “Stay Home and Stay Happy”

Revealing ‘The Secret’

Life doesn’t give you the desired results always or it doesn’t go according to what you’ve planned. Most of the times, this change in the plan comes unnoticed and you feel lost or stuck between the circumstances. Sounds familiar, right? I’ve been through a similar situation recently and then, I decided to change the courseContinue reading “Revealing ‘The Secret’”